Hostel Rules



Our Mission is to empower our students to significantly increase their performance capability in all spheres to reach the zenith.

Hostel Rules

The school & hostel is situated in a very healthy and non-polluted environment of the school where there is a good & non-interfered study atmosphere. The teachers are duly qualified and experienced as per C.B.S.E. norms and they provide a better teaching for the students to make the result excellent. Moreover it is a unique school of its kind in Bhubaneswar-2 locality.

Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food with lunch, dinner and three tiffins from time to time are supplied to the hostel inmates. The coaching on Computer, is provided to the hostel students by the experts.

Their dresses are neatly washed and ironed properly by the hostel Dhobi. A doctor pays visit to the hostel at the time of their need. Learned and smart matrons are there to take all care of the hostel students. Toys of different kinds are given to nursery students to play and learn. In every week the school bus carried them to the different spots within the city for practical knowledge. There are separate arrangement for both boys and girls.

Parents are allowed to see their children on Sundays and during holidays and not on other working days. No parents are allowed to stay in the hostel at night. Parents should apply to the Hostel Superintendent to take their children home. Parents are allowed to take back their children home during Dussahara, Winter & Summer Vacations only. No child will be allowed to go home after 6 P.M. The school gate closes at 7 P.M.

The boys and girls are housed in separate dormitories. Dormitories are bright, airy and equipped with all modern facilities. Every child has individual bed space, mattress, bedspreads, pillows should be supplied by the parents. The students are not allowed to keep any valuables and cash. Parents are advised not to keep such things with their wards.

Apart from attending classes compulsory study hours, afternoon play, morning exercises, evening prayers are some of the other activities of the day. The children go to bed after dinner at 9 or 9.30 P.M. depending on their age group.

The children are looked after the assisted by competent school teachers and hostel tutors regarding their academic, health and other aspects. All children can write letters to their home once a week.