Our Mission is to empower our students to significantly increase their performance capability in all spheres to reach the zenith.


1.The school has a well stocked library, staffs adequately to keep the library in proper order in order to guide the student during their respective periods to make the maximum use of resource available.

2.The School Library is well equiped with books on all subjects for the students and staff. The latest books on all subjects are procured and made available for use. A specially designed Reading Room which provides for separate enclosure for each student to enable him/her to have brush with the great authors is a unique feature of the school.

3. Library facilities are provided for almost all the higher classes and students are encouraged to read books of their likings for pleasure and information. No book will be issued if the child is without the school diary.

4. A student can keep a book issued to him/her for a week. If he/she is unable to return, then a fine of Re.1/- per day shall be charged.

5. The borrower is held responsible for all books taken and for all fines accruing on the same.

6. If a book is lost or damaged the student has to pay double the cost of the book along with the fine accrued.

7. The Library is open till 5.00 p.m. on every working day including vacations.


1. All students and staff are the members of Library.

2. Books will be issued through the student’s diary only

3. The librarian may call for the book at any time he requires.

4. If the book is not returned on the due date a fine of Re.1/- per day will be charged.

5. Any working, underlining and tearing of books is absolutely forbidden.

6. Reference book can not be taken home by the student.

7. In case loss or damage of the book, double the cost of the book along with the fines accrued will be collected from the student.

8. Complete silence must be observed in the library.